South by Southwest Film Festival

Film starting at Alamo Draft House for SXSW

Film starting at Alamo Draft House for SXSW

I’ve lived in Austin for a few years and South by Southwest has been and is a big deal, but I didn’t want to get mixed up with waiting in line and fighting crowds. Well free film passes were given to me by friends so my wife and I went and checked it out. It was awesome!

There’s more days to go, but 6 films in 5 venues and hours of waiting really paid off. There were plenty of opportunities to consume adult beverages.

Beers I enjoyed either while watching film or after:
1. The Imposter (awesome)
Noble King Alamo drafthbouse’s seasonal brew from Jester King. I like what they are doing.

2. Sellebrity (well done)
Texas Bad Ass Tap I was surprised to taste this beverage. I didn’t get it’s name, but will next time. I like what the Drafthouse is doing and want to support them when I can.

3. Brooklyn Castle (favorite)
Nameless Winter Amber It was a treat and I’m really enjoying the beverages that are coming out of Circle Brewing.

4. Funeral Kings (interesting story)
Austin Amber Light bitter nice beer

5. Chasing Ice (inspiring and intriguing)
Afterward I enjoyed Fireman’s 4 Blond Ale It’s a save beer that is why I found it in a regular not exciting bar on 6th street.

6. Under African Skies (Understanding Paul Simon)
Indian Brown Ale Recommended. I’d have to have a few more to get my taste buds in shape.

7. Marley and the Movie (music and facts, awesomely awesome rock-u-mentary)
Fire Eagle Nice I like a canned beer every once and a while.

Parked and biked downtown

Parked and biked downtown

Biking is the way to go if traveling in a crowded downtown.

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